Our behaviour commitments

We have 23 forward-looking commitments across the four areas of our responsible business approach.

Pulse employee

We aim to ensure our employees and the third parties we work with act according to our values – patient focus, integrity, respect for people and transparency. 

Each year we report on our progress against these commitments and here we provide a summary for those that relate to Our behaviour.

Ethical conduct

We will continue to strengthen our values based culture by training our people on the standards expected, encouraging the reporting of any concerns and embedding our values into the way we measure employee performance.

Progress: Progressing well

  • 99% of employees completed mandatory annual training on our Code of Conduct.
  • More than 70,000 people working in high-risk roles also completed additional in-depth training on anti-bribery and corruption.
  • Conducted 200 senior management assessments to evaluate how well our values are embedded within specific business areas.
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Promoting values in sales and marketing practices

Continue to drive a values-based approach to sales and marketing practices across the world, with the interests of consumers and patients at its core.

Progress: Progressing well

  • Completed the global roll-out of changes to sales team compensation.
  • Stopped paying healthcare professionals (HCPs) to speak to other prescribers about our medicines.
  • Disclosed all payments made to HCPs in 32 markets across Europe (including Russia and Ukraine), Australia, Japan and USA.
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Rigorous patient and consumer safety

Continue to ensure the interests and safety of patients and consumers are of paramount importance in the way we design and undertake our clinical trials, our product quality assurance and our monitoring and reporting of adverse events in ongoing product usage.

Progress: Progressing well

  • Established a pharmacovigilance centre of excellence in the USA that brings together data from electronic health databases, patient reported data and social media to give us a holistic view of risks and benefits of our products.
  • Increased work with border controls to improve our anti-counterfeiting strategy
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Minimising animal testing

Rigorously challenge the need for animal studies and work to minimise the impact on animal welfare, by investing in the development of alternative studies and sharing animal-based data.

Progress: On track

  • Continued to support research into new testing systems that mimic the form and function of living human tissues and organs to avoid the need for animal studies.
  • Began a five-year collaboration with the Vaccine2Vaccine project aiming to reduce animal testing for batch releases of vaccines.
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Promoting human rights

Address the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights and Business across our own operations and our supplier relationships.

Progress: On track

  • Published a statement in response to the UK government’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 outlining our policies and processes to minimise the risk of modern slavery within our operations and our supply chain.
  • Continued the roll out of our third party oversight programme across Latin America and South-East Asia.
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Transparency in clinical trial data

Be as transparent as possible with our clinical trial data, including publishing clinical study reports (without patient-level data) for all outcome trials of medicines conducted by GSK and, within an appropriate process, making available to researchers access to anonymised patient level data to further scientific enquiry.

Progress: Completed and ongoing

  • In 2016 we also met our commitment to make available global studies going back to the formation of GSK in 2000 – 1,900 studies in all.
  • Began providing plain language summaries of our clinical studies that present the results in a way that is readily understandable to a general audience, including study participants.
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Ensuring ethical stakeholder interactions

Demonstrate that all GSK interactions with patient advocacy groups and political stakeholders are conducted appropriately, ethically and transparently.

Progress: Progressing well

  • We publish our position on more than 40 public policy issues on our website, including intellectual property, pricing, human rights and environmental standards.
  • We held Patient Advocacy Leaders Summits (PALS) in Czech Republic, Germany, Japan and Portugal in 2016.
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Working with third parties

We seek to work with third parties that share our commitment to high ethical standards and operate in a responsible way. If performance gaps are identified, where appropriate we commit to working with the third party to improve performance.

Progress: On track

  • Completed more than 8,700 third party risk assessments.
  • Conducted over 70 third party audits on health and safety, ethics, environment and labour rights.
  • Conducted a further 1,850 audits specifically focused on quality processes.
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